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Thanksgiving as a Single(mode) Fiber


Ugh, Thanksgiving. A time to be asked why I’m still single and how far I plan to go in life. If I get asked about being single(mode) one more time I may just flip! Hello people, there is nothing wrong being single(mode)! I move information as fast as my multimode cousins, so why is everyone pestering me about being single? Just because I have a much smaller core than my multimode cousins doesn’t mean I have connection issues. I get my information across without having to go through all of the hassle of overlapping light pulses of multimode fiber. It’s so annoying how my family expects me to partner up and be multimode when I have the ability to travel and go much further without having to send information through a partner. So, if someone bothers to ask at the Thanksgiving table… “I’m single(mode) and loving it!”

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